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A hodge-podge of work from projects, freelance, and fun.

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Weekly Summary Email
Lakeside Sunrise
Bandaid Heart
Card Hover Interactions
Android In-App Rating Prompt
Pixelwise Portfolio Pattern
Accessibility Rating of Paired Colors
Visual Rating System
Mobile Dashboard 3-Day Trend Graph
Reachable Mobile Tabs (Concept)
Balancing Panda
Dashboard Panel Concepts
Dashboard Panel Concepts
We're Expecting!
MacBook Icon
Guilty Pup
Fun with Button Colors
Chapter Quest Logo Concept
Still Waters
We're Hiring a UX Intern!
Hot Dog Sticker
Fries Sticker
Cheeseburger Sticker
Teachwise Training Bumper
Ho Ho Ho!
Community Café Logo
Project Kayak Logo
Chubby Superhero
Balancing Robot
Blast Off
Milk Carton 3D

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